Modern tools for modern teams.

Brian & Michael here, pleased to meet you! We’ve spent the last decade working with some of the fastest growing teams in the industry to scale them from 10s to 1000s, including founding Stripe’s support and internal tools teams.

Scaling support teams today is a brute force adventure. Folks are trained once when they first join, even though the product and best practices are constantly changing. Canned responses attempt to scale a team, but really just turn everyone into robots—or leave people with their own secret trove of snippets, so the team doesn’t evolve their collective best practices. Team leads spend hours and hours compiling insights, but the data backing those insights is too low fidelity: we’re still stuck with human-applied and inconsistently used tags that don’t match the reality of what customers are actually asking.

Doing your best work and empowering your teams to focus on what matters (helping your customers!) shouldn’t be this hard. That's why we started Kenchi.

Kenchi takes the age-old tricks that’ve made the best people the best, reimagined for the modern web and built with teams in mind. Kenchi turns your newest team members into seasoned pros, amplifies individual lessons-learned into team-wide improvements, and helps you fix product and quality hotspots with laser precision.

Thanks for signing up! We can't wait to welcome you :)

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