Kenchi is shutting down

We've made the difficult decision to close down Kenchi. We will keep Kenchi operational through February 2023 to provide transition time.

For existing customers, we will work with you 1:1 to export your data in your preferred format and help import it into new systems. Once exported, all data will be permanently deleted from Kenchi for your privacy.

We remain incredibly grateful to our early customers, team, investors, and friends and family. While we couldn't make Kenchi work as a business, we're proud of what we built and your support means the world. You can get ahold of us at support@kenchi.com.

Snippets, playbooks, & data at your fingertips

Kenchi is a privacy-first Chrome extension that supercharges your support tools. As a single source of truth, Kenchi reduces cognitive load, fosters collaboration across your whole team, and generates precise insights about your support conversations.

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Snippets & Playbooks

Everything in one place—easy to find, easy to update.

There are dozens of steps between a customer writing in and solving their issue. Kenchi provides a central location to condense those steps into a simple interface: from finding quick snippets to full troubleshooting guides, you can now delight your customers with faster and better responses.

Data & Insights

CSAT, demystified: discover what’s driving your numbers.

Pinpoint what content is dragging you below target, recognize team members punching above their weight class, and tease out product improvements.

Security & Permissions

Curated content, fine-grained permissions, and peace of mind.

Kenchi is security-first. Everything happens locally, keeping your PII & PHI out of view. Organize snippets and playbooks into collections that are shared with specific people or teams based on their speciality or level of access. Version control helps track changes and rewind history.


Breathe more easily… everyone & everything is up to date.

New team members, changing processes, product updates… there’s a lot happening in support. Proposed updates, one-click reviews, and change logs are some of the ways Kenchi helps the best ideas flourish and keeps everyone on the same page.


A layer on top of all your tools. Yes, even that one.

Install and go. No integration needed. Privacy built in. Works with everything.

Salesforce, Intercom, Gmail, Zendesk, HelpScout, FreshDesk, you name it. We’ve got you covered.

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